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In the summer 2011, Monsignor Ken Schaffer approached Eddie Taft to propose a solution to the weekly dilemma of accommodating the growing parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic church. Attendance had swelled to a point that temporary seating in the new gathering space addition was necessary. Father Ken needed a new technological medium to better connect to the parishioners who could not be seated in the Nave area. They could hear the liturgy through the audio system installed by Hytek during construction of the new addition, but sight lines from the gathering space to the Sanctuary area were not sufficient to provide a quality worship experience. An expensive high lumen ceiling mounted projector screen system was not a viable option due to the rooms limited availability of wall space, bright environment, and no way to aesthetically install a projection system. The camera connection also posed another set of challenges due to the high definition requirement in a standard house level lighting condition. A camera with multiple positions and no human element also had to be considered.


The 80″ Sharp LCD 1080p high definition display was selected to resolve the high ambient lighting conditions. A mobile floor stand was chosen to provide optimum placement in a room with limited wall space and possible interior design changes. A newly released Sony 1080p high definition PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) video camera has proven to be the perfect answer to the lighting and easy to operate requirements. The final result is an effective communication medium for Father Ken to reconnect to church parishioners outside of the nave area and be in touch with a growing church attendance.

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Product Details

Sony 1080p IR controlled PTZ camera
Key Digital Tx/Rx Balun System
Niles IR Reciever and IR Blaster
Sharp 80″ LCD 1080p Display
VFI Adjustable Mobile Stand
Panamax Surge Protection System

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