First Christian Church


A few years ago the First Christian Church of Eldorado, Illinois decided to add an addition which included a large fellowship hall/recreational space. The design took everything into consideration from the electrical to the paint, but overlooked one key environmental element. With tall vaulted ceilings in a large rectangular room, surrounded by sheet rock walls, sound waves were reverberating to the point that intelligible communication was very difficult to understand and also making the area very uncomfortable. Hytek was faced with the challenge of creating an environment in a retro fit manner that was acoustically effective as well as aesthetically pleasing. Complicating matters even more, the room is also used as a youth recreation area with basketball goals mounted at each end. The solution had to be pleasing to the eye, take a hit from a basketball, and most important of all tame the poor acoustics.


Hytek’s cost effective solution was to install a fabric covered sound absorbing acoustical wall panel product by the MBI Products Company Inc. Eddie Taft used a bit of artistic creativity and installation experience to create an aesthetically pleasing, acoustically effective design and installation plan. Once the design was implemented, the intelligibility and comfort was introduced into the new space for all the church members to enjoy and celebrate for years to come.

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1.5″ thick MBI Colorsonix (trademark symbol) Wall Panels series 1800
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First Christian Church
1125 Walnut Street
Eldorado, IL