Acoustic Ceilings

We can solve complex sound quality issues and make any room sound like a concert hall.

Starboard Installations

We offer and install many great solutions for the education market.

John A. Logan Ball Field Sound System

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Digital Signage

We offer a host of digital signage solutions utilizing the very latest technology.

Hytek Systems specializes in sound, video, lighting design and installation. We have served the Southern Illinois area for over 20 years. Call us at: (618) 985-3564

Hytek Systems has been Southern Illinois most trusted resource for high-performance home entertainment systems since 1980. We are well known in the area for our work with churches, schools and other establishments.

With a 20-plus year history in residential and commercial systems, Hytek is poised to turn your needs into reality. Our new digital world has made just about anything possible. Whether it’s networking, computer integration or hard-drive video and music storage solutions, Hytek is at the forefront of all of the latest technology.

We specialize in design, installation and integration, we can help you create a system for today and tomorrow, and make it easy to operate and enjoy. Make sure Hytek is first on your list to call when planning your next project.

For over 20+ years we’ve been forging life long relationships with our customers. Not only are our customers thrilled with our products but they also love our attention to detail and excellent customer service.